Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 This is what my pigs were eating today. 
 I can sort-of tell the season by what is around.  Blueberries to me were always late summer, and so were peaches.  Strawberries are July.  Lemons? 
 It looks like a lovely fruit salad.   I had some food on a plane that looked like this. 
 Tons and tons of this food.  The peaches are luscious.  They slice neatly when I scoop them up with the bucket of the tractor.  The strawberries kind of mush up though, when you move them. 
This is what I feed my pigs.  40 pallets of it today.  about 8 tons.   


Susan from the Pacific Northwest said...

Beautiful. I'm so glad that all that fruit (which we fussy shoppers won't buy) goes to good use.

Eightway said...


How many grocery stores do you visit to pick up your fruit load? or is it a distributor? It's stunning the quantity and apparent quality...

Bruce King said...

I get produce from 15 of those big box stores -- think sams club or costco, for instance.

Part of the agreement i have is that I not talk about the particular chain, so I'll be circumspect about that, but I'd imagine that any large grocery store chain or produce distributor produces stuff like this every day.

This is the backside to the perfect produce displays you see when you shop. You'll never see a bruised peach, or a moldy strawberry. This load was particularly good looking, and it was comprised of stuff that is pretty expensive to buy. Who else feeds their pigs blueberries and peaches?

It's a little funny. My production pigs, the ones I sell for meat, are fed this produce almost exclusively. Makes for really nice pork. And mostly corn and soy free, too. The only corn they get is the sweet corn that's mixed into the produce as part of the load.

sheila said...

But do you store it in rodent proof containers? Just kidding. That pile of fruit looks good enough to eat myself. I've heard of milk fed pork, but never fruit fattened hams. I bet they are especially tasty!

Robin said...

Forget the pigs, I want to jump in a pallet and start munching on fruit. That is some awesome looking food your pigs are getting.