Friday, April 8, 2011

I found the eagles nest

I've been watching  a pair of eagles around my farm for the last few weeks; concerned that they're going to eat more of my livestock, and I noticed that they kept flying in a particular direction.  So I started looking there and there's a pretty prominent landmark -- a cell phone tower. 
So on closer inspection the cell phone tower has been decorated a bit.  The eagles are carrying stuff up to it and building a nest on top of it. 
you can see some of the branches on the right side.  I don't think that the eagles have heard that cell phone radiation may have some help concerns. 
These little twins were born a week or so ago, and they're about as cute as can be.  They are one of the reasons I'm concerned about the eagles...
...and there's the cell phone tower.  This could be trouble. 

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