Friday, April 1, 2011

Found: Ferret

Andrea found this ferret while feeding the chickens.   It's pretty tame, i was able to scoop it into a box after I took this photo, and it seems to do ok in the house.  If this is yours please send me an email at and we'll work out how to get it back to you.  Thanks!

Update:  It must have rolled in something bad.  We've tried to wash it but its not used to us, and it seems to just make it mad.


LOL dude, stop trolling!
Skunks aren't ferrets

i think its a ferret, skunks are wild aren't they? she picked it right up and put it into a box and it was fine with that, but then it chewed a hole in the box and now its under the couch. skunks don't know to hide under couches.

If it really is a ferret then don't post a photo OF A SKUNK on your CL ad. The photo you used, is a skunk.

Second of all, no animal "knows how to hide under a couch". No animal even knows what a couch is, domesticated or otherwise. If an animal is terrified (as surely wild animals inside a humans house would be) they will try and hide in the tightest space available. And under a couch is some place that's very cramped and confined, which makes most small animals (cats, ferrets, guinea pigs etc) comfortable and safe feeling.

If that photo you posted is of the animal you found (like, you took that picture) then, dude, you have a skunk in your house and need to call animal control.

But if you think it's a ferret, don't post a picture of a skunk. Seriously.

Perhaps someone has already emailed you this but... That is not a ferret, that is a Striped Skunk. And they can seem tame but still be wild.

Though reguardless that is very nice of you to try to find it's owner if it has one.

Good luck!
It's a skunk, almost positive. Probably don't want to keep it in your home.

really? It chewed a hole in the box and now its under the couch. how do

 you get it to come out? I tried calling it and it just hisses at me.

[liz probably looked at the date, and then sent this:  ]
funny   happy fools day aye

 It is not my ferret, but I am pretty sure that the pic you have on craigslist is a tame skunk.. not a ferret..
Yeah.. I really think it is.. Does it smell bad? and the only way I can think to get it out w/o spraying is to call a pest control and tell them the situation..

it seems to smell now, we were trying to get it out with a broom handle but it really didn't want to move and it hisses. i think its tame though.

no, its not mine. I just saw it and don't think its a ferret. I'm originally from Oklahoma where there alot of skunks around.. Just trying to help.

Brian:  This is my ferret.  His name is Spanky.  When can I come pick him up?
Sue:  Ha. It is not my ferret, but I will gladly take the little guy. I have a “chew-proof” cage. I could come by tonight to pick him up. Thank you!

James:  I know you have been told...but that is a skunk! NOT a ferret! I would suggest removal of it ASAP
Sukhmani:  hi i saw ur craigslist posting....thats a skunk...not a ferret
Jenny:  i cant tell if u r serious or not... thats not a ferret, thats a skunk
Brenda:  Made my day!
Jackie: What a stinker you are for trying to pass off that story
Radical:  was an april fools thing, right?  I hope you dont actually have a skunk in your house. lol
Mary-Lou:  that is not a ferret, but a baby skunk

really?   it chewed a hole in the box and now its under the couch.  how do i get it out?


goodnufranch said...

I do believe that is a skunk. Try tomatoes juice. lol

Anonymous said...

april's fool

Brenda said...


Travis said...

good one!! I love all the responses

Kevin Kossowan said...

Hah. Funny stuff.

Radical said...

bravo man. bravo

Anonymous said...

I want two from the first litter Andie.

John Schneider - Gold Forest Grains said...

man, you suckered a few people again Bruce! Too funny.