Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chop wood, carry water

I find that when I'm working hard I'll often be thinking about other things.  I've been a little produce-centric this week; turns out that there's been a lot of produce coming available, and I'm trying to suck up as much of it as possible -- for composting purposes if I can't use it directly for pig feed.   
The handle on my rake is a little slimy, and it's cold.  I'll have to wipe it down tonight.  hmmm...  a layer of garlic and onions and peppers.   That's a pretty good taste combination; some charred onions with a rough-chopped clove of garlic and some pepper, in a little bit of olive oil is a pretty awesome base for a philly cheesesteak.  A little thin-sliced beef and some cheese on a french roll.  Marvelous.  Yum. 
darn orange.  its stuck on the rake.  hate that.  Like it better when the oranges are frozen, then they just roll out.  Roasted whole heads of garlic are good; drizzle them with a little olive oil and just slow roast the whole thing.  Don't bother to peel it, just use a knife to cut the top off.  Some nice bread to spread it on.  Maybe sourdough.  been a while since i made bread.  .  

Wish the pigs ate citrus.  these grapefruits look good.  Wonder what grapefruit sorbet would taste like?  I've made lemon sorbet, and orange...  a little bit of the zest, the juice of the fruit and sugar.  I should buy an icecream maker.  been meaning to for a while.  Sorbet would be good in the summer.  Wonder if those are pink grapefruits?
These cantaloupes are frozen solid.  got to watch my feet; they hurt when they land on your toes.   Wonder if I could make sorbet out of cantaloupes?   I can't see why not.  Add a little lemon juice for tartness.  bet it would be tasty.  Maybe i should break one open and get the seeds and plant them? 
Broccoli and grapes.  it's sort of a salad mix.  doesn't appeal to me.  but broccoli with cheddar cheese melted on top -- yummy.  the grapes are frozen little marbles. I hate this kind of grape.  it's like a grape tease -- you think you're getting a succulent grape, but you really get something that is pretty much tasteless.  I love concord grapes, even with the seeds.  the skins are so tasty. 

a box of mixed citrus and romaine lettuce.  i love anchovies and romaine.  Ceaser salad; yum!  there's some bok choi in here, too.  haven't used them.  i should buy some and look up how to cook it. 

Ok.  All done.  wow.  it's been 2 hours.  didn't seem that long.


Elizabeth said...

I'm a new reader so please forgive me if you have covered this topic: Where do you get your pig food? We are going to raise two pigs this summer and I've been concerned about feed. I don't mind buying the pig ration at the feed store, but I have a feeling that I might be overlooking several free food sources. Can you give me some tips?

Love your site.

Emily said...

Love it! Sounds familiar. I so wish something would eat the citrus, not the goats nor chickens, ducks or compost worms. I totally have produce envy. My goats are pretty picky. Can't feed them anything slimy. they do enjoy banana peels, avocado peels and pretty much any greens or root crops, but they need shredded-dangit. Take care, as love reading what you have to share. emily

Anonymous said...

Spooky. Like you've been in my head or something. Good to know if I'm losing my mind I'll have some good company.

Craig said...

Have you ever thought of putting the produce through a wood chipper?

John Schneider - Gold Forest Grains said...

great read Bruce! I do the same thing hour after hour sitting on the tractor or combine.