Sunday, March 6, 2011

salad bar beef

Apologies to Joel Salatin for the title, but it's literally true in my case.  The pigs won't eat raw potatoes, onions or any sort of citrus, and I'm going to guess about 15% of the tons of produce is some combination of those. 

As a direct result I'm probably going to have the worlds best potato patch next year, as the pigs have been burying spuds as fast as they can. 

But surprisingly enough, the cows and sheep will eat onions, potatoes and citrus, and in fact, the sheep seem to prefer oranges. 
Of course, given the choice, the cows will browse on whatever strikes their fancy.  Nice lettuce, maybe some greens, a head of cabbage or two.  They're quite dainty. 
I guess you could say that this multispecies rotational grazing. 

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