Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rain and hope

It's been a rainy winter and spring.  Today the rain was falling so hard that little geysers would leap up when each drop fell.   I watched sheets of rain sweep across my fields, pooling on my driveway.  Slowly trickling down the cows back.  Rain. 
But out of every dark cloud there is a silver liner.  Ducks love the rain.  They'll stand in it for hours.  Puddles are little sanctuaries for the ducks; they'll duck their heads and quack and generally enjoy every one they run across.  They love it when the puddles are big, and deep isn't a problem when you can float.  The ducks LOVE this weather. 
I love the thought of the rain ending.  When it rains this hard it doesn't last long; and it's nice to see the sun peek through the black clouds.  Spring is coming. 

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