Sunday, March 6, 2011

House renovation

It's about time to paint the house, so I've spent the last week or so doing paint prep.   This house was built in 1905, and this is the original old-growth wood siding installed then.  For more than 100 years old it's in remarkable shape.  Here it's been scraped and spackled and caulked in preparation for painting. 

The ceiling on the front porch didn't fair so well.  The deck above leaked, and it needed the false ceiling reframed, which basically meant I had to take off all of the trim, and pretty ornate trim it was, and the pull off the stuff that is worse for wear and reframe it.  I enjoy doing this sort of work; having something tangible for my labor is really satisfying. 
the details of the house are pretty interesting.  Leaded glass, and box beams.  But you should notice that there's a giant apartment building RIGHT NEXT DOOR with a huge window that looks down on my front porch.  Nothing like having 300 neighbors!  that building is 7 stories high. 
you can see a bit of the same building on the left edge of this picture.  One of the reasons that I started my farm was to have a place with fewer neighbors. 


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