Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trolling craigslist

"This dog ran into my store and appeared lost and frantic. We had a hard time catching it, and I couldn't keep it at the store,so I've brought it home. It is very scared of me even though i have treated it kindly. If this is your dog please contact me so that you can get it. It is chasing my cat and made a mess of my bathroom where I'm keeping it and I'm afraid that if I let it out it will be hard to catch again.

Thank you for looking"

Responses so far: 

"im sorry to tell you, but the dog you found is a coyote.... probably not domestic, and TRYING to eat your cat"

"You might want to call the ACME Company for an anvil, and keep your roadrunners away from it."

"Are you serious? THat is not a's a coyote and of course it will eat your cat. Let it loose. It is not a domesticated animal."

"lol. Is that post a joke? That is really funny.  I'm sure you know that isn't a dog, it's a wild coyote."
(same fellow, after he figured out i was pranking him: )
"LOL  Good one!!!"

"It looks to me like a coyote.   Are you quite sure it's a dog?  If it is a coyote, be very careful as it could be rabid.     Perhaps you should call Animal Control."

"UMMM, maybe it is so frantic and is making messes because it is not domesticated.  I think you caught yourself a COYOTE!  I think I'd call animal control if I were you!"
I live on 15th in in Shoreline and I saw one nearby. That is a coyote. Google image it. They can be small."

"Please Google "coyote" and find pictures. I think that may be what came into your store and it could have rabies so keep clear until you are sure"
This one is interesting
My brother lost his two coyote/husky mixes a couple days ago when his roommates left the front door open to move a couch in without putting the dogs away. They were litter mates, Rex and Kara. He weighed about 40 and she weighs between 30 and 35. They are only two and half. I can have him come pick them up, or I can on my way to visit him. PLease call/text me at

xxx-xxx-xxxx Thanks!"  note:  they can claim the coyote no matter what sex it is.  I think they want a coyote!
"I am pretty sure this is a coyote. I would   let it out of your house immediately.  "
"are you joking!???  this is a coyote- let him go- hes lost and confused and they DO attack people...."
"That is a coyote! Is this a joke?  I hope so, or you unknowingly have a coyote in your house."
"Are you sure it's not a wild dog? Or cyote? It really looks like one? Maybe call animal control, be careful!"
Google coyotes to see pics.  I'm 90% sure that's what it is...  Keep your cats away just in case.  My mom is telling me there ARE coyotes around here.  Maybe it isn't..."
"That's not a dog that is a wild wolf and I would not try to get close to it it will eat u"
"sorry pal-that is a coyote not an indoor cuddly puppy"
"If this is the truth , your dog is a coyote, You may want to let it go."
"I think what you have is a coyote.  35# is about right.  call animal control if you are serious that you found this."
"Don't be alarmed but, I think this dog is a cyote. That is why it is probably not tame. It is probably semi tame from people feeding it. It probably ran into the store because it was hungery. The best thing to do with it is to release it in the area you found it unless its a bad spot in the city then i'd release it in the woods. That or someone caught it and was trying to keep it as a pet."

"UM!! This,  I DO believe, is a coyote!! NOT a pet!! Call the "wild life" people"


sheila said...


coy dog?

Anonymous said...

what is your point to this?

avishai said...

Brilliant! Thank you for making my gf and my night.

Anonymous said...

This actually happened in a Quiznos in Chicago in April 2007. The coyote was captured by Animal Control and later released in a sanctuary where it is living happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious! Thanks for posting it and brightening my day.