Saturday, February 26, 2011

cold and snow

I know that you guys in the great white north and east coast will consider our 18-20f (-8c) weather to be just middling cold, but for  western Washington its frigid.  We usually get a week or less of this weather, and right now is when its happening. 
It's seriously frosty, and I spent 4 hours today rebedding the pigs and making sure that everyone had liquid water and food.  Was thankful that I got a load of chips from a local tree service yesterday; that 10 yards was really handy.  Nothing like pine-scented chips to make a shelter cozy. 
The cold keeps the produce that we get in pristine form, too.  Here's a picture of part of the load we got on Friday.  The heads of lettuce and cabbage are perfect.  Here's what I'm feeding to my pigs. 
 The melons are their special favorites, but they'll also dig the grapes out and savor them.  Pigs really do get into their food. 

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Rae said...

I hear ya on the cold! We're in N Oregon and it was 9 degrees on Saturday morning. Brrr! The only upside was that it sure seemed to make firewood split more easily.

Holy cow on the mountain of produce. Those are gonna be some very pleased pigs!