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Scaring people for a living - Kellene Bishop

When I was looking for background information on corn prices when I wrote this blog entry one of the search terms I was using ran across a web site apparently authored by Kellene Bishop, that is an odd mix of topics, which include things like classes that she offers on how to use coupons (really?  who knew?), home defense ("...the most extensively certified female NRA Instructor in the Western States...") and various other topics.   It's enough of an odd mix that I really struggled for a way to describe it. 

Kellene makes a point of talking about how her site does not accept advertising, and she is quite proud of that; her site basically exists to sell her courses, some tv show she's working on, and her web instructional videos, which is all fine and good, but I mention it because its central to my argument here. 

My opinion?  Kellene makes a living out of scaring people.  Bad people are going to come to your home.  The food world as we know it will end.  Produce prices in the winter are higher than in the summer, and you should be warned!   In fact, a recent topic has been about coming food shortages, and she's encouraging people to buy food to avoid the coming shortage.  Oh yea.  and take her seminars.  Don't forget the seminars. 

My nit to pick with Kellene is not that she has an opinion.  Clearly she does.  I'm fine with that.  But when asked for backup for something she's said, she brushes it off.  here's an example: 

"Michele 02.16.2011 08:15

I’m trying to share this with my family, & they keep wanting “sources” for your info. Could you direct me to where to start them looking?

Personally, I’ve been to every sale so far this week & will keep it up as long as I can."

Kellenes response:

"Kellene # 02.16.2011 11:01

Sorry Michele, I simply do not have time for that. What I have shared can easily be found with an internet search, interviews of grocers, and USDA and UN officials, library archives to establish historical trends etc. This has been a multi-week effort but the information is certainly not secret by any means. If someone wants to wait to do something until they see the lamestream media confirm it, then that’s their prerogative. But by the time it hits Fox News, supplies will be gone.

My philosophy with this blog is “here’s the information.” Do what you want with it. But my hands are clean in sharing it and rather than spend any additional efforts in holding people’s hands to get them to do the right thing, I will instead focus my efforts in making sure that I provide peace and comfort for my family. No one has to take my word for it but I also believe that the internet is not the appropriate source to look to for a confirmation of these kinds of matters–rather a “gut check”, listening to the Spirit, etc. is the ultimate authority on the truth of all things and is usually much more convincing that any research I could point a person towards.

Pray about this. If it’s true, you’ll know it. If not, you’ll have a stupor of thought on it. It’s times like these that play out exactly why Spiritual Preparedness has the highest priority of all other principles of preparedness "

Got it.  Kellene says whatever she'd like, and if you'd like to have some facts to back it up -- well, she's kinda busy.  don't ask her. 

She's claiming that the corn harvest -- which appears by reports to be the 2nd best USA domestic corn harvest EVER RECORDED was a disaster.  Why?You'll find kellenes blog entry -- with the offending corn reference and my (edited by kellene) response in the comments here.

She's apparently had some previous controversy.  You'll find it here

Folks, the food system is fine.  prices are up for corn, and the primary reason is our continued use of food as fuel in ethanol.    But Kellene sure is entertaining. 


Funder said...

Good call on the fearmongering. Vague doom and gloom warnings just annoy me, but they freak out a lot of people. :(

Rich said...

"...prices are up for corn, and the primary reason is our continued use of food as fuel in ethanol..."

It is easy to blame ethanol for all the ills in the world, but I haven't seen an explanation for why prices dropped so much last year. Was less ethanol produced last summer, leading to less demand for corn resulting in a greatly reduced price?

Wheat was about $6.50/bu last spring, dropped to almost $3.50/bu at harvest last summer, and is now around $8.50 to $9.00. How did ethanol production cause that?

Ethanol has linked the price of grain to the price of oil while eliminating the great surpluses that stole all the profit out of grain production in the '70's.

A better explanation can be found at:

Quantitative Easing 2 (increasing the money supply by 20%) also had to have an effect on the price of corn and other grains. How can corn not increase in price if it takes 20% more dollars to purchase a bushel of corn?

Across The Creek Farm said...

I wouldn't say our food system is fine, in fact I'd say it's pretty jacked up. But I agree that it's not a chicken-little situation...more of a long term plod to some point where we'll be forced to make drastic, unnecessarily difficult changes.

Anonymous said...

Kellene Bishop is a two-bit con artist. She reinvents herself like a chameleon every couple years.

Google Kellene Bishop Ripoffreport.

Lee Johnson said...

She's really just one of many who are cashing in on the recent economic and environmental fears. The gun and religious communities have 'preppers', while the environmentalists have 'transition'. The more commercial blogs have a common message: focus only on negative world events, stockpile, take our classes, and buy our books.

While I'm not against the ideas of building more resilient communities, developing skills, and being prepared for disasters, I get suspicious when the message is commercially driven. People have been predicting and profiting from claims that "the world can't get any worse" for hundreds if not thousands of years, and they've all been wrong (we're still here).

Anonymous said...

Kellene Bishop claimed bankruptcy for over two million dollars after scamming people out of millions. You can view her bankruptcy notice online.

On another note - have you seen the size of her? I used to work for her and she associated virtually everything with food. Would you want to be held up with her in a disaster situation? She is a crumb snatcher with food and money.

Rachel said...

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Having seen the footage of grocery stores baring empty shelves, with no food or drinkable water to speak of, I'm sure the people in Japan would have been grateful for Kellene's preparedness training.

I have personally taken Kellene's couponing classes and have saved my family well over $500 a month on the groceries I buy and can personally attest to the fact that her system works.

As for the ripoff report? I enjoy the fact that your 'zero defect mentality' applies only when you see fit.

Kellene's issues came from a completely different industry. I'm thankful that you've never found yourself in a situation that you weren't sure how to handle. I can appreciate your ability to "take small companies from zero to a million dollars or so in revenue a few times" as it states on your bio (but with no proof to be found).

However, resorting to name calling is so low-class! What does her weight have to do with her ability to teach people anything?

Honestly, it says more about the person too gutless to use their real name than anything else. I love how people use the anonymity of the internet to say things they'd never say to your face.

I'm sorry that you folks are so angry.

I'm sorry you're threatened by someone teaching useful, helpful tools and tips in the event of a natural disaster.

I'm most sorry that you feel the need to bully someone by sending out derogatory Facebook messages, believing that your OWN version of fear mongering was any different than what you claim she does.

Let's just see how much of MY comment is moderated here.

As an aside, you can dispute my points all day long but I won't reply. There's no point in arguing on the internet. I, like Kellene, have better things to do.

Bruce King said...

Hi kellene, glad you commented.

I dont edit people's opinions for content, which is something that you do on your blog. I'm ok with people disagreeing with an idea or tactic.

Your tactic on your blog is to state an opinion and offer no backup for it, even when asked directly. And then when people do look it up you dismiss it as unreliable or unbelievable and don't offer anything to support your view.

When you make a really big misstatement (calling the 2nd biggest corn harvest in history a crop failure) I think you should have the honesty to admit your mistake.

You've said that we will have a food shortage here. Where is it, kellene?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I actually thought I had found an information resource until I happened upon this post, which seems to serve no other purpose than to belittle someone else's blog.
Having followed all the links provided in this post, I simply see no real correlation between this post and reality.
For instance, the other blog doesn't seem to be a commercial blog, at least as I've seen them. Commercial blogs typically have advertising, etc. Didn't see any of that there. She does seem to sell two courses on DVD, but I didn't see much promotion of them in very many of the blog posts, something that I would have expected with a commercial blog. I'm not sure what you are referring to by a seminar... I guess I just didn't see any of that.
Also, I don't put much stock in "ripoff reports" and the like. I've seen too many things on sites like that to believe them. Anyone can post anonymously with no proof, and the site won't allow any rebuttal without a payment. That sounds more like an extortion scam by ripoff reports than anything else.
Next, I don't put much stock in anonymous cowards that do nothing more than belittle others across the Internet. Her weight? Seemed like nothing more than vindictiveness to me. It does nothing more than make me wonder what axe that person really has to grind.
Back to the article...
I've done a bit of research myself on commodities, and I don't believe the USDA reports that were released, but I'm more of a cynic of governmental transparency than Bruce I guess. Everything I saw, other than USDA reports, indicated that corn didn't fare so well, with much the same response in wheat and other like commodities. Sorry, Bruce, but we'll just have to disagree on this one I guess. Of course, by saying that it looks like I may be branded as a crook too, judging by this post. I hope not, but we'll see; that would be laughable. Frankly, I'll be surprised if this post makes it out of the gate. Another we'll see I guess. Maybe Bruce will just say that I am Kellene like he did about the other commenter, Rachel. (Bruce, if you want I'd be happy to speak to you on the phone. You'll find that I'm a male reader, so that might be a hint that your theory isn't quite right.)
Bankruptcy? Hmmm... Seems to me that bankruptcy is mentioned in the Constitution, so it must have a purpose and reason.
All in all, I doubt that this post will even make it onto the blog, but if it does, count me among those who just don't see the beef that you've got with someone else's blog. It just doesn't add up to me. I tried to see both sides but just couldn't make it to your point of view. Maybe she just gets more views than you... I dunno. I guess that would make it into the jealousy category of reasons to hate on her.
Me Anonymous? Yes. I don't see other options to post that are available to me; then again, I'm not here trying to hate on anyone either.

Bruce King said...

isn't it a bit of a stretch to complain about anonymous accounts from an anonymous account?

I allow anonymous messages, and regularly publish comments that I disagree with. Figure people can find their own truths.

With regard to the USDA and commodity reports, since there are billions of dollars at stake by private investors, I do trust that the harvest reports are accurate -- more so than the writings of a blogger who refuses to back up what she says when asked directly.

Kellene is in the business of selling people advice, and I think that the background of anyone offering advice to people is fair game for public comment -- and many members of the public have commented about kellene.

Maybe all those people across all those years are wrong. I doubt it, though.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, as I said, I didn't see another post option that seemed to fit, and I'm not hating on anyone, so no I don't think I was complaining and therefore do not see any irony in posting from an anonymous account from an anonymous account. However, if you can come up with a way for me to contact you outside of this without me having to post my private contact info to the world, I would be happy to do so and have a conversation.

I have to disagree about the USDA reports once again. I read them. They were duplicitous. The same report stated in a number of instances that we were having record crops of a particular commodity and then proceeded further in the report to tell how bad the planting, growing, and harvesting had been and would be for that crop. No mainstream media source covered this, but I found info about the USDA reports on quite a few alternative news sites as well as other blogs. As I said before, I am a cynic of governmental transparency, so when the USDA reports record crops for a commodity and in the same report gives all kinds of info about how bad things are (up to 35% crop destruction in one report that was reporting record crops... how does that work?), I simply do not believe the good news as they have a bias to give that but, on the other hand, a requirement to give the nitty gritty further into the report.

I haven't read all of the posts on Kellene's site, so I am no expert here (though I sincerely doubt you are either), but I just didn't see much selling on her blog. As I said in my last post, I see two items being sold (a coupon class and a wheat class), neither of which seemed to be promoted much in any of the articles that I perused, or indeed on the site much either. So I just don't follow your logic there.

Now you're saying "all those people across those years". That seems flaky to me. You portrayed in your post that you had recently happened upon her site, and now you're acting like you've been following her for years. Doesn't pass the smell test. Seems rather like a the generic comments that people make when they've been caught and are trying to get people to come around to their point of view again. Having had tough times in my life, I just don't buy into everything I read about someone on the internet, but it seems like you are doing so. I do try to get to the truth of the matter when I read something that interests me, and so far I guess I just see any truth in what has been presented here. The long and the short of it is that I'm probably done here but thought I would put in my two cents since I thought I had found a site that provided good info until I saw this post that seemed to be nothing more than a hate article. Makes me wonder about your character. If there is one thing I've learned it is that Karma is a bitch, so it's better to be nice than hateful. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

The responses are obviously from Kellene Bishop. She tends to ramble when she gets really ticked off.

The documentation from the law firms on the Ripoff Report don't lie. The woman took hundreds of thousands of dollars from people who took her classes as well as her clients. She is a sham and really does reinvent herself in other industries as a different charlatan.

The bankruptcy papers on the Ripoff Report don't lie either.

Anonymous said...

The post with all the Hmmmmmmm's was her husband Scott who is Kellene's fellow scam artist.

Anonymous said...

I was given your name as someone that I can report a fraud incident to. I am a Commercial Mortgage Broker and have taken a class taught by Scott and Kellene Bishop of Commercial Career and Beehive Commercial. They considered me one of their top referral sources and I entrusted them with my entire pipeline of business. In the last 18 months I sent them over $200,000,000 in business – all of which they said they could approve and close. They presented themselves as Underwriters with Decision Making authority and were direct with Hedge Funds on Wall Street – none of which was true.

To “Underwrite and Approve” these loans they required that my clients pay large Up-Front Retainer Fees (Good Faith Deposits). Their contracts state that the fees are non-refundable however, they told each of my clients that they do not ask for fees unless they are confident that they can close the loan. Hearing this, my clients entered into a contract with the Bishops and paid their money.

My clients paid $250,000 in Up-Front Fees only have their loans turned down after months of promises to close their loans. I can give you the names and numbers of all of these clients. I know of at least another $500,000 that was taken in the same manor from other clients. In addition to this, the Bishops charged close to 300 people on average $8,000 each to take their course on Commercial Lending and how to charge up-front fees and send all of our loans through them. In my estimation, the Bishops have netted over $2,000,000 in profit from this scheme and to date have not closed a single commercial loan and have not returned any fees.

I am not asking for fee that I paid to take their course to be returned. I am asking that the $750,000 that was fraudulently taken from our clients be returned.

Here are the facts:

Consumers were defrauded by the Bishops and Commercial Career.
The Bishops made promises to perform and collected obscene amounts of money and did not perform the service that there were paid to do.
The Bishops have refused any an all attempts to return even a percentage of the fees they collected.
The Bishops are residents of Utah but have committed these acts across the entire nation.

I know that I am not the only person to report this issue to your department but if you would like more individuals like myself to come forward I can make that happen.

Please let me know what needs to be done to insure that no more consumers are hurt by Commercial Career and Scott and Kellene Bishop.

Bruce King said...

anon -- so far you've claimed that the crop reports are erroneous, and speculated, but I haven't seen anything other than opinion to back up anything you've said.

I'm open to it. Tell me how last years corn harvest stacked up to other harvests in the last decade. I'm listening.

Anonymous said...

Really? So basically anyone who posts a dissent to your opinion is labeled as either being Kellene or her husband? What relation will I be accused of this time, her goldfish named Mooky? This blog is laughable, and I am sure this post won't be posted, contrary to Bruce's "principles of fairness."

Bruce King said...

first, I've been tolerant of your constant complaints about fairness and I've published every comment made on this blog entry. Contrary views are fine -- but the complaints are not. If you complain about it I'm going to not publish the comment from here on out. Fair(ness) warning.

Second, while you've offered to prove that you're not linked to kellene, you haven't done so, nor have you offered anything to this discussion but vague criticism. While I understand that you don't trust the USDA harvest reports, millions of people with billions of dollars at stake do, and I asked you to back up your statements.

Please do.

Third: it's funny, but I've been getting private email about kellene since i posted this. recall that my interest is in farming and crop reports and related; the whole financial thing and bankruptcy that she was involved with isn't on my radar -- but it seems like quite a few people have a beef with her, in my opinion. I'm not making any judgements of her personally -- but I am saying, as far as food and farming issues go, she does not appear to be credible in any way.

Anonymous said...

First, are you asking me to prove a negative? You know that you can't prove a negative. Yet you allow others to post their crap on your board when their crap doesn't have anything to do with farming. So, all that proves is that you're an idiot that allows other idiots to post crap on your board without checking it out. That makes you nothing if not just another hack on a website. I think I'll go post a few things on some other websites about you and your board just so you can see how easy it is to defame someone without any proof. Laughable.

Second, you asked for proof about the corn harvest from last year. Since you don't know how to look at both sides of an issue, below are just a very few of the links to stories about corn for last year, all telling the same tale. Of course, you could just as easily have done your own Google search to find these, but that is obviously beyond you. And, yes, I'll say it again, you won't dare to post this because it doesn't fit with your alternate reality. There, now you have your excuse not to post since you were looking for one.

This blog isn't worth the time necessary to hit the back arrow, which simply can not happen fast enough. Reply if you'd like. I couldn't care less about your opinion, judgmental has-been.

Anonymous said...

The comment "her goldfish named Mooky" was made by Scott Bishop. That is exactly how he writes and carries on.

I should know - I worked for the Bishops.

Bruce King said...

Anon: Did you read the stuff in the links you posted? I did, and I think you should, too. they're your links, after all:

#1: Says that the USDA downgraded the 2010 crop from the 2nd biggest EVER RECORDED to the THIRD biggest EVER RECORDED. Kellene has claimed that the the 2010 corn crop was a failure. This directly contradicts Kellenes statements.

#2: The forecast was lowered on the crop, and no shortage was expected, although unsold reserves would dip. That's partially because we used 4 billion bushels of corn for ethanol. That's not a food shortage, or a crop failure, either. Directly contradicts Kellene.

#3: People complained about the USDA revising its estimates for the corn harvest. People complain all the time about all sorts of stuff. Watched a weather report lately? Believed it?

#4: Summary: The USDA revised its estimates of SURPLUS, UNSOLD corn (carryout). No crop failure, no shortage. Directly contradicts Kellene.

#5: repeat of #4, different website.

So far I'm going to stick to my basic premise: Kellene claimed, apparently erroneously, that the USA corn crop last year failed, when by all accounts it's either the 2nd biggest harvest EVER, or the third. Either way, it was a record harvest.

When confronted with this, Kellene chose to refuse to back up her statements with any facts, and made it personal. In my book, she's last on the list of people that I'd trust the opinion on as far as food supplies goes.

As I said, I'm open to some sort of refutation, but I'm not seeing it.

Take the time to research your links instead of spamming a google search.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bruce, I knew you would get those exact messages out of those links since you don't seem to read between the lines well nor correlate to other news in the field. There's no way to convince you when your head is in the sand, so I won't bother trying anymore.
By the way, Bloomberg had yet another article on today about Texas having a drought that is affecting wheat and beef prices, which then affect corn prices and supplies, but, hey, no worries, everything is fine. Don't worry about anything and you'll be just fine. You can come up with an explanation for anything you would like, but it doesn't make it so.

As for Anon's comments: Really? Four words can pinpoint exactly who a person is? Wow. I heard that Billy Idol once said the words "is exactly how he". How are you Billy? That's just funny.

Bruce King said...

I don't "read between the lines"? those links were offered by you to support the position that the corn harvest in 2010 was a failure; it wasn't, and all of the applicable links in fact claim the opposite; that the corn harvest in 2010 was a record breaker.

Texas may have a drought; the wheat harvest in russia DID fail last year and commodity prices rose as a result; ethanol production was ramped up by 100,000,000 (one hundred million) bushels and that reduced the carryover (unsold) surplus... all of that is immaterial. The corn harvest last year was a record.

Just saying something doesn't make it true or accurate.

Anonymous said...

As a past employee I can say that without a doubt Kellene Bishop is a LIAR! She would act like she was your best friend in the world. Then she'd make endless promises to her us and she never once delivered. We were promised 3-month reviews and raises on our six-figure salary (that we never saw happen), profit sharing in each transaction for projects we worked on, a trip to Florida & custom built office themes.

While I was there not one employee ever got a raise. There were 4 client transactions that I was aware of that we should have received bonuses on, there were countless training sessions held that we helped prepare for and percentages of the profits had been promised to her employees.

At every opportunity she pocketed the money.

She lied countless times to her clients over the phone while I was in the room and would make claims that were absurd exaggerations at best about her success and what great things were going on in the company.

Every time she made a promise to us she would have to break it and she couldn't ever be the bad guy. She would hide behind her husband who was a habitual gun-toting psychopath. And he would deliver the bad news.

I'm also convinced that she had the office bugged because she would bring up inner office issues that happened behind closed doors and with out her present and minutes later would call us in to her office and try and address that very issue.

She claimed to be lead by the holy spirit on countless occasions. I am left to wonder if she suffered from some sort of mental disorder where she was confusing the greedy voices in her head for divine revelation.

I hope that she gets the help she needs. Preferably in some sort of lock-down facility.

I feel sorry for anyone who has ever done business with her or worked for her.

Is it any wonder why all of her employees walked out on her?

( not my real name )

Ps. I went by the old office not too long ago in Provo and it looked like a ghost town. So I'm wondering if she got court ordered to have her scam shut down.
by fayewinters September 23, 2009 11:59 AM

Anonymous said...

Big fat slob Kellene Bishop continues to portray herself and a finance expert:

Amazing! She is a con artist who cliamed bankruptcy for 2 million dollars after running scam after scam!

Beware of sociopaths like Kellene Bishop.

Anonymous said...

I also worked for Scott and Kellene. Stay away from these psychos! They will lie and manipulate and don't care who they hurt. Bruce, they're not worth your time. They're not worth anyone's time.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting all of this. I had been interested in their Preparedness Pro site before I read this stuff.

I had a friend of mine pull Scott & Kellene Bishop's bankruptcy papers. The case number was 09-33521.The Bishops did not make a mortgage payment since December 30, 2008.

I was fooled by their blogs until I saw this page and the bankruptcy. It is true, they claimed bankruptcy for millions and had a list of creditors a mile long. It is very very obscene!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bruce! Kellene is trying to hide all of the negative feedback about her on the internet by posting a new blog post a day. I'm sure this kills her that the first thing that pops up when you google her name is this blog. Keep up the great blogs Bruce!

Anonymous said...

I was hired by Kellene to speak at an event. She signed a contract which guaranteed my fee. The contract also had a 25% cancel fee. Well, she cancelled. Never paid the fee. I sent numerous requests for the cancel fee.
Then I received a bankruptcy notice for the Bishops--it is indeed case 09-33521 as a previous poster mentioned.
These 2 are scammers who find new businesses every few years.
Stay as far away as you can from the Bishops.

Anonymous said...

Please scan your contract and put it on

It will complement her bankruptcy notice nicely.

Anonymous said...

I wrote this in 2007:

I am glad that through all of this that we are joining forces and finding a way to have a sounding
board for everyone to vent their anger and frustration. It will at least provide some closure and
satisfaction to those who invested so much time and energy with Commercial Career and who
have lost so much. Once the site is up and the blog is running it will spread like wildfire.

That being said, I would like to see all of us be successful in some area of this business. Kellene
did one thing – she convinced us all to get out of Residential lending and jump into Commercial.
That was not a bad thing however her greed got the best of her and she could no longer keep up
with all of her lies. Kellene and Scott took a lot of money from a lot of people but I would not
trade places with them for a minute. They took our money but they can’t take our integrity.
Here is what I believe:

1. 1. Scott and Kellene lead a shallow, miserable existence full of stress and
2. 2. They keep inventing new ways to take more money from more people.
3. 3. We will never see a dime come back from them – our money is gone. They
have told me that they are going to use our own money to defend themselves in court.
4. 4. All we can do is try and help others learn from our mistakes by just telling
the truth of our experience. This is just a public information forum.
5. 5. Scott and Kellene will get what is coming to them – maybe not in this world
but the next.

Here is what I would like to do:

I want to hear from real people who have closed real deals and find out what they did and how
they did it. I have learned a lot over the past 18 months and I am sure all of you have as well.
The Commercial industry has changed. Money for projects is quickly drying up however, deals
are still getting done. I would like to see us start a Success Track website or group where we can
learn from each other and maybe finish what Kellene started. She got us all together to form an
association of Commercial Originators, and by the way, we can send her all of our deals wrapped
in bows with chocolate bars so she can charge our clients Six Figure fees and then take half of the
profit when they close. Forget about Kellene – we still have that association of good talented

What if we just went back to the basics of working on getting some good deals and working with
good lenders? We are a group of smart successful business people who don’t need someone like
Kellene Bishop to read us a bunch of Dan Kennedy books on conference calls.

Anonymous said...

Today is Thanksgiving. One thing we do know is that Kellene is enveloping massive amounts of food on this fine day and getting even fatter.

She will eat a ton of leftovers all day tomorrow as she runs a scam survivalist business.

I hope her gallbladder explodes during the holiday weekend.

Mpaz said...

Ugh...oh brother, that is the lamest thing I've read on here. Ate you trying to date Bruce to let your lame comment be seen on here? That's exactly what it looks like when you say things like, I know you won't date to post this because it doesn't fit his blah blah blah. Haven't you seen that he's posted all of your comments! Stop being a child and also, if your really thought your comment wouldn't get posted, why the hell did you write it? Next time do us all a favor and keep it to yourself and spare us all the headache that follows after reading lame and childish comments like yours! If you don't like what the man says, don't read it. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

cicero said...

National Geographic's inane show, Doomsday Preppers, not only showcased the Bishops', but endorsed their lifestyle, and even their character. This begs the question; are the Bishops' scamming Nat Geo, or is Nat Geo a willing participant in propping up these grifters?

Always Preppared said...

All I know is food prices have sky rocketed. I do food storage so that in the event I loose my job and or something happens I cant work anymore then I will have fod to hold me over for about a year. I dont know Kellene Bishop although I did see her on doomsday preppers but she is doing nothing more then others on prepper issues. If folks do not see the prices of food sky rocketing and the loss of jobs everyday then thats on them but I will continue to prep.... Not for anything other economic reasons. I also have a ccw and own guns since the violence in the world is worse then ever . This is my choice ... main thing I am saying is watch the food prices and watch tv on all the murders and break ins happening.. that should be enough to make you want to start prepping.