Saturday, August 22, 2009


Pigs are creatures of habit; they have definite daily routines. This is a pig path that leads from the feeder to the waterer. I intentionally put them a few hundred feet apart to encourage the pigs to use more of the property. They do make the trip back and forth, but in a way that I didn't foresee. they use the exact same path each day. if you look carefully at the grass you can see mud on it; they eat, then bath in the mud, then drink, and repeat.
Here's a longer view. the waterer is in the distance, a little to the left of center of the photo. This path goes directly there. I was hoping that they'd consume more of the grass, but I guess that's up to the ruminants now.


Anonymous said...

On a diffrent topic - what is your opinion of the round calf arks. Do they tend to get hot in the Summer. Do you know of a local supplier?

Kevin Kossowan said...

Hunting wild pigs in the winter taught me the same thing - they seem to follow the same path all the time. Which you'd think would make them easy to hunt, but not so. Too smart.