Friday, August 14, 2009

do you sell small pigs?

I get calls every few weeks from people who want to buy a small pigs. they spot the weaner pigs, like the little pink pig here, and think they're super cute. And they are very cute. This little pink pig probably weighs 15lbs.

But in 7 to 8 months, that little pig will be the size of the larger pig to the left. That's a big pig; that pigs shoulders are broader than mine.
I'm guessing that the bigger pig is somewhere north of 450lbs. The problem is that when they get that big they hog the couch all up. So no, I don't sell small pigs.

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StefRobrts said...

I have been thinking about raising 'small' pigs - the potbelly pigs stay small and cute and there seems to be some demand for them. Seems a bit much like the pet trade though, as opposed to livestock. Can you imagine the teeny-tiny bacon :)