Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My little flock of sheep

These are my katadin hair sheep. They shed every spring, leaving the coats looking like this, and making them pretty much care-free. I've been experimenting with these sheep to see what the husbandry is like, and honestly, they've been no trouble at all. A mineral lick and good grass and they really do well. Here they're all looking at the dog coming up from the right side of the photo.
The brown one on the left is the ram. He thinks about challenging me every now and then. He hasn't yet, but I suspect that I'll get butted at some point. Not sure what I'll do. depends on how bad he gets me. He's a handsome fellow. They're all completely full of delicious grass.

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StefRobrts said...

I have a friend who has those kind of sheep. She does sheepdog training, and she keeps them just for that, and sells the lambs for meat but she says the lamb market has been terrible lately. She also says they are very easy care, but she does keep a llama with each flock to protect them. She likes hers to stay a bit wild so her dogs can work with unruly sheep, instead of the tame sheep who eventually learn to just go where the handler indicates without waiting for the dog to take them there :)