Friday, January 9, 2009

Dike failed

the dike around the island failed around 8pm on 1-8-2009. The county advised all residents of the island to evacuate.

Ebey island is 2 or 3 square miles in size, and it takes a while to fill. The diking district is trying to plug the hole by pouring rock into it, and they've been working on it all day today. They're optimistic that they will be able to plug the hole tonight, 1-9, but as with any endeavor there's a chance that they will not be able to get the job done.

My farm is on the "higher" end of the island -- it'll take another day or so for the waters to start inundating my farm, but I spent the day loading animals on trailers and getting vehicles started and warmed up and ready to move if neccesary.

The island can fill up faster if more of the dike fails, or if there are multiple dike failures. The river peaked within an inch of a record height, and continues with very high flows. It's forecasted to return to normal seasonal flow by 1-11.

Quite a bit of activity around us though. A huge coast guard helicopter flew over at less than 100' -- quite impressive. Animal rescue organizations came by and asked if I needed help with turkeys and chickens. I talked to another farmer, Won, whos property is completely under water with only his barns and house out, and gave him a ride into town after he walked the 3 miles to my farm in hip waders. Won, if you needed a ride, just call me next time!

Was interviewed by the Everett Herald and the local channel 7 took pictures of my truck driving across the floodwater flow.

Heres to hoping that they plug that hole in time.

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