Monday, January 19, 2009

Andrea goes swimming in the mud

We're hand-seeding an area that's turned into mud. I like to plant oats there -- the chickens like the plants, and they're not persistent. So I don't have a problem with having to take them out.

But the problem is that the area we're seeding is mud. Pretty sticky mud.

And when you walk through sticky mud, sometimes your boot comes off and you have to have a shovel handed to you to dig it out.

and you dig and dig and dig and eventually you get the boot back, but you're standing in your stocking feet in the mud, and now your other boot is stuck
and with both feet stuck, why, its probably a good idea to fall over. Mud is a good sunscreen. Don't want to get a sunburn

So you dig and dig and eventually free the other foot, too. But if you're laughing too hard it's really hard to dig.

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