Monday, January 26, 2009

C'mon baby

This is the boar sweet talking tank. A couple of deep grunts, some good nose pushing (he puts his nose under her just behind her front leg and lifts her up) and some chasing, and another litter of piglets is started. It's not spring, but there's romance in the air.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce, are you interested in selling that harley rake sitting down on your property? If so, then shoot me an email -

Wishing you the best of luck with the farm this winter...I know this wet weather is a bugger for all of us. I got my Kubota stuck too. :)

Regards, Brent

Bruce King said...

Thanks for the offer, but I just purchased that implement 4 months ago. The ground is kinda lumpy, so I'll be using it this spring to clear the pastures and windrow the various metal debris, and then do the same for another 9 acres that I purchased. It does great spreading gravel on the road as well, and for seedbed prep. There's a guy renting spots to people for gardening and I've already contracted to plow and then grade the seedbed for them in march. An excuse to spend quality time on the tractor.

If you've got a use for it, I'd consider renting it out. You can email me at

There's one on ebay right now, a T-6 instead of a T-7 (the one I've got), but it's only $1600.

Check ebay auction #130282990600