Monday, November 24, 2008

Tractor update

The tractor is stuck a few hundred feet from the road and it weighs 10,0000lbs and it's on soft mud. So I don't really want to jack it up or bring out heavy equipment to get it out.

I used 20 sections of 4x4 that are 4' long. I put 5 under the bucket of the front loader so that it wouldn't just push down through the mud when I pushed down. I used the front loader to lift the front of the tractor up until I got both the front wheels off the ground. You can see in this picture that the front right wheel is off the ground about a foot or so. The other wheel I lowered down onto some 4x4 cribbing laid across the wheel hole and in front of the wheel.
Ok. So now the tractor is balanced on three wheels. I drove my 4x4 truck out to the tractor, and used 60' of chain to attach the chain hook in the middle of the bucket to the towing ball on the back of my truck. and then I raised and curled the bucket. to pull the front right wheel of the tractor down to the ground.
So one hand on the front loader joystick, right heel on the differential locks and left foot on the clutch and left hand on the wheel, I drove it out.
and then turned it around and plucked the implement out of the hole, too.
Figured I deserved a short day after that.

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