Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tractor stuck!

My land is pretty darn fertile. It's river bottom soil; black, and it smells good. It grows great animals and crops. It's also very similar to pie crust.

you see, there's 2-3 feet of fairly firm soil over super saturated mud. When they built the freeway next door they measured how deep the mud is. It averages 160 feet deep under my farm.

So i have to be fairly careful when I"m moving around not to disturb the crust too much -- or THIS happens

So when this happens, it's pretty much as much fun as you would imagine 10,000lbs of tractor sunk to its frame is.

I was using a new implement, a harley rake, power landscape rake, to level an area that has gotten a lot of traffic and is currently mostly mud. I want to plant it with something; oats or winter wheat mixed with a legume for nitrogen fixing (fancy way of saying improving the soil for cheap so I get more corn next year from the same area) when I felt the back left corner of the tractor break through. I've been considering putting dual tires on the back of my tractor, but that's $4k. I guess this is just a reminder that it'd be a really good idea.

The turkeys think that fresh turned earth is cool, and while they're not sure what's going on, they're fascinated as only turkeys can be. There's about a hundred of them to the right of the tractor.

The dog thinks it's pretty cool when I dig, too. He believes that under each shovelful there could be a rat, and each needs to be investigated to make sure that it is rodent free.

So how do you get a tractor that's this stuck out? Well... when I get it out, I'll tell you.

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