Friday, November 13, 2015

Yep, we got a BIG flood

River level has exceeded forcast.   Flood photos at bottom of this post

Here's the forecast:
 The forecasts are usually a little conservative - they forecast what is probably their worst-cast likely flood.  So in the past the flood hasn't reached the forcast level.

This time not only did t he flood reach the level, it exceeded it, and they upped their forecast.  The river bank at my farm is right at 13 feet, so I've got water flowing into my fields right now.  at 14.5 feet, which is what is forecast now, we'll be on the news if it's a slow news day.
the new river that is flowing behind the neighbors house

turning around, where that water is coming from

standing with my back to the river, pointing at my farm.  big barn on left

i'm going to guess than about 50% of my fields are covered in 6" to 2' of water.

No issues with the farm; equipment and animals all safely tucked away in the barns.


River is now at 14.72 feet, which is a pretty big flood.  The all-time record high for the river was 15.6, so we're not at record levels, but we're less than 12" from them.  At 14.72 we're probably going to see the highway closed and major bank erosion where the river wants to move.  

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