Saturday, May 2, 2015

Video: Spring piglet pen

This is our piglet sale pen; we've got roughly 500 piglets in it right now.   Folks interested in piglets come to the edge of the pen and select their pigs, someone from the farm picks them up and carries them out.   We do that for biosecurity; folks come from other farms that have pigs or other places that have pigs, and we're interested in keeping our pigs safe from things that they may catch.

034 from bruce king on Vimeo.
They usually sleep in a big raft of piglets; one piglet will decide it's sleepy and lay down, and then they all start collapsing around until there's a carpet of piglets snoring away.  When they get up in the morning it's a little like watching a pot of boiling water -- but it's piglets popping up and down and oinking and squealing.

At this time of year I alternate between feeling like I have too few piglets and too many; right now I feel like I have too many, but we sold 200 piglets on wednesday, and 130 more today... so at this rate we'll be done with this batch mid-may -- they'll be out at their new homes doing what pigs do best.

For orders of 50 piglets or more we offer free delivery anywhere in washington state.

035 from bruce king on Vimeo.