Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Selling pigs and planting things and getting stuck

Here's a quick summary of the farm over the last week or so:

Sold 460 weaner pigs in the last 10 days; have another 200 yet to sell; a good weekend and we'll be done with this batch of pigs.   Price is good this year; partially driving by the extremely high price of beef.  Some of our sales are people who would normally buy a steer or two but are buying a pig instead.  500lb steers are going at the local auction for $3/lb live weight.  Amazing beef prices.

Ground prep and planting is wrapping up.   The corn goes in the next sunbreak we have; I'm probably going to have to drive a long ways to get a rotary hoe implement, which is my next attempt to grow herbicide-free corn.  

there's a local farm auction happening at the end of this month that has a combine in it; thinking about it.  Anyone know anything about a john deere turbo 7720 combine?  It's listed as a 1979, diesel engine.

Got my tractor stuck exploring the neighbors land in preparation for tilling it.  Picture below

 My little trackhoe make the dig out and tow out a lot easier than the usual shovel work.

I'll have a breather after everything is in the ground, but until then it's go-go-go time.

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George said...

Don't know much about the 7720, we have a 4420 and it works just fine after a 4k engine rebuild.... we only do about 40 acres a year of corn/soy however.