Friday, January 2, 2015

Natures harmony farm - out of business?

Update:  Tim never replied, but he's put his main farm page back up after being down for most of a week.  Welcome back from the dead, Tim.

I've sent the following email to and, Tims new blogging venture he started a few weeks ago:

"Tim:  Have you closed your cheese business?   Your website is down, referring folks to your facebook page.  you've cut off comments on your new blog...  

Impression you're giving is that you're out of business.  I've gotten several questions.  

Maybe a public statement would be good.  Otherwise folks will fill the vaccuum with their own speculation, and I t hink you'd rather shape the conversation yourself.  

Transparency can be painful at times.   "

After 7 years,, the primary farm website is down.  Comments are disabled on his new blog, and no updates are posted to his facebook page.  

Wonder whats going on here? 

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