Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - response from administrators

This is a followup to an original posting which you'll find here.   The  administrators of Homesteadingtoday demanded that I remove items from that posting, and you'll find an explanation of those edits in that original posting.

I wrote the following to the administrators:

Originally Posted by bruceki
Hi Austin:

I took a break from homesteading today because I felt that the moderators of a forum that I liked were too biased in favor of their own views and deleted posts that they disagreed with.

When I returned, I found the situation to be, if anything, worse.

I've posted an example of this sort of behavior on my blog, which I'd appreciate you reading to give me a feel for whether you think that their comment was unwarranted.

Bottom line: If you have a forum there's going to be differences of opinion, and if the moderators use their position to stomp out anyone who disagrees with them, well, I'll just go elsewhere.

Deleted post & angry message from moderator
I copied both of the administrators I had an issue with so all three individuals got a copy.  I recieved the following reply from AngieM2:

[You have violated our terms of service by posting items from here on your blog!  You must remove the items IMMEDIATELY!  YOU HAVE VIOLATED OUR TERMS OF SERVICE REPEATEDLY!  DO WHAT I TELL YOU!  I AM VERY ANGRY!!!  I STILL HAVE MY GUN!!!]

Maybe the last sentence or two ore three is an opinion of mine.  I sure wish I could post you exactly what she said to me, but I must comply with her wishes.   My response: 

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Re: Still Homesteading?

I will comply with your request, but will post paraphrases and impressions of our conversation to replace what you have said.

I think you are better served by quotes from you, but if you wish, I will absolutely make the changes you demand.

If you are ashamed of what you have said, or think that it reflects poorly on you or your organization, I would suggest that you change what you say, or what you do to better represent your views or intentions. 

after thinking about this for a while, I also sent ANGIEM2 this message:  
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Re: Still Homesteading?

Angie, you mention that I have broken the sites Terms of Service often. Since I haven't been here for more than a year, would you please point me to where and when I broke the terms? 

HSTadmin also replied to me in a seperate email:

Maybe some of that is my opinion.  His message to me was much more entertaining.  

So in my previous post I did say some nice things about -- And I still do.  If you agree with every opinion of each forums moderators, you will be safe from any ideas or concepts that don't agree with you.  And that's a good thing, right?   Because there's only one true opinion on any subject and an informed discussion should be avoided at all costs.


Steve said...

Wow! Another example of the tribalism we see so much. This is interesting especially because the subject has been successfully done more than one way.

rrmontgomery said...

"I am monotone. I hate Michigan.." oh dear, grinning and giggling. Good one.