Friday, October 24, 2014

Speaking of corn...

click on the picture to enlarge it.  Dents showing in about 30% of kernels
 I managed to creak my way out to the cornfield and picked a couple of sample ears.  The dents are showing up, and it continues to ripen, slowly, but its making progress.  We usually get frost first two weeks of november, but indications are that this may be a warmer-than-usual winter, and the temps have been in the low 60s during the day and the mid-40s at night... so far so good.   The corn plants are still green and alive, which is good.    
Inspecting an ear for milk line
 If you want to know more than you even thought possible about corn growth stages, click here.
Getting closer every day.    Hoping I'll be in shape to actually drive a tractor when it's ready to go.


Unknown said...

Are you going to combine the corn for grain or chop it for silage?

Bruce King said...

I'll be chopping it for silage to feed to my cows and pigs. I want the kernels to be a bit tougher so that they survive the chopping mostly whole. I'll be putting the chopped corn in a silage pit and allowing it to ferment for 3 months or so before I start feeding it. It'll be mixed with grass silage.