Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall harvest

A nice surprise was getting a little bit of sun today between the rain squalls and high winds we had last night.  
 Took the tractor out to the squash patch that I planted in June and collected our years supply of squash.  120 of the acorn squash, 40 of the sugar pumpkins and 10 of the jack-o-lantern type.  We've given away a hundred or so of each type, sold 400 of the acorn squash to a local food stand, and there will be plenty for the pigs to feast on later this week.  What I'll do is just electric-fence off the pumpkin patch and turn the pigs loose in it.  a week or so and most of the vegetation and all of the squash will be eaten.  
acorn squash, halloween pumpkins and sugar pumpkins
 right next door the alfalfa field is looking good; three cuttings this year and its had about 6 weeks to recover from the last one, so judging by what I've read the roots should be in good condition going into winter.  The key will be how well it comes back in the spring.  Alfalfa doesn't like wet feet, and I believe this sandy-loam field drains well...
alfalfa field, corn field in background at the base of the trees 

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