Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bread party

I wrote a post about the economics of free bread from bakeries a month or so ago.  Here's what it looks like at the working end of that equation

Yum! Bagels!
 Each garbage can is about 100lbs of bread.  It's all sorts of bread products, whole wheat, white, some pastries and donuts, bagels... all sorts of stuff.  The pigs like the raisin bread or pastries the most, but they'll eat it all.  I figure that each pig gets 3 to 7 loaf-equivalents, depending on their size, and I like to see them eat all of the bread in about 20 minutes.  If they don't, I reduce the ration a little until they do.  If they eat it faster and still act hungry, I'll give them more.   If I give them all the bread at once they waste a lot of it.  I don't want to waste any.
Trailer has about 5,000 loaves in it.  
 The white barrels are what I use to collect the plastic bags that the bread is wrapped in.  Each loaf is in at least one bag, and some of them have two inner bags and an outer bag, too.  I really hate plastic.  the pigs don't eat it, but it doesn't biodegrade and its basically a permanent soil amendment if you compost it.  So I carefully unbag each loaf and send the bags off to recycling.
Red the dog
The dog isn't impressed by all this industry.  He'd rather be out running, but a snooze on the dry sawdust is ok, too.

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