Friday, March 14, 2014

Ambitious thieves

They gave it a good shot!
I was driving by my original farm location in Everett and noticed something odd from the freeway.  So I turned around and went back to look.  An old forklift that I had there had been moved up the driveway a little ways, and an old trailer that I had there (it's got a bent tongue so it can't be towed safely) had been positioned in front of it.  When I got to the gate someone had unscrewed the hinges on one side (leaving the two gates locked) and I found my forklift half-loaded.

Well, not really.  The trailer in its prime was only a 3 ton (6,000lb) trailer.  the forklift weighs at least 6 tons (12,000lbs).  They'd worked awfully hard; chaining the forks up so that they'd clear the trailer, built a ramp out of plywood; they'd even lifted the trailer so that the forklift would roll on it.   They were using a come-along to winch it onto the trailer.
handle is supposed to be straight
They bent their come along at some point, and the forklift tires went straight through the deck of the trailer.  Because their comealong was broken, they couldn't get their chains loose... so I got 4 nice 20' chains with hooks on them.  Thanks!  I cut the chains off of the comealong, and then used a bit of elbow grease to work the chains loose.  Took these pictures after I'd already removed most of them.
right through the deck
Even if they had managed to get the forklift up on the trailer, it would have crushed the trailer.  As it is, with the forklift sunk into the deck, the forklift and trailer are pretty secure.  I'll head down there pretty soon and pick it up, but honestly, if you're gonna work this hard, you should just come on by.  I've got a shovel with your name on it!


becky3086 said...

Just amazing what some people will do. Glad they weren't able to steal it.

rrmontgomery said...

We have had a crap load of stuff walk off our place (near a major interstate), but geez-o-pete, whoever your thieves were..they really put some work into their stupidity.

Annonomous said...

Your past employee?