Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I purchased one of those portable weather stations and installed it.  it's really the first time that I've had an accurate measurement of what the weather is like around here.

In the last 18 days I've gotten 9 inches of rain; so I'm averaging a half-inch of rain a day.  Every day.  That's a lot of water.  I was looking at the "about us" section of a beef rancher, and he mentioned that his area gets 12 inches of rain A YEAR.  At this rate I'll more than double his rainfall this MONTH.   Since I installed this system on November 9th, I've gotten 22.5 inches of rain total, and that includes a dryer-than-normal November and December.

I've been wondering how the water gets into the manure lagoon that I have... the mystery is solved.  The clay liner prevents the rainfall from escaping, and just rain adds several feet to the water level.    it's interesting, because the lagoon is basically an acre or so in size.  So that means I've got about 10 acre feet of water -- which will sure come in handy if we have a dry spring or summer.

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