Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fencing isn't just an olympic sport

Today was blustery and wet; a steady, cold 20mph wind with gusts up to 40... but things have to be done, and later in the year I won't have time for it, so fencing it is today.  

It's a bit hard to work; the mud is silky and sticky.  Like half-melted butter.  The tractor slips and slides; I finally have to kick it into four wheel drive to get some traction.   

My hands are cold, hard to make the knots as I tie the wires.  Looking forward to having the fencing done; have another couple of thousand feet to do to complete the perimeter fencing.  The last segments will go pretty quickly.  They're long runs on flat, cleared ground. 

Careful to pick up all of the bits of fencing, and some litter that I find in the field.  I like having a clean pasture, and it only takes a single nail or bit of wire to kill a cow.   

On the river end I put a couple of hog panels down to the current waters edge.  I think I'm going to have to check this section of fence every time the river floods.  

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