Thursday, July 4, 2013

"this is not ideal"

I was out working on the water lines, basically going to each faucet and making sure that there were no leaks, and everything was working correctly, and noticed out of the corner of my eye something in the corn field. 
 I thought maybe it was a deer at first, but no, it's my jersey cow.  The corn is almost tall enough now that it hides her, but the barn is a little raised off the field level and I had a pretty good view. 
 She sees me coming from a long way away, and stands there patiently as I walk through the corn. 
She knows she shouldn't be in the corn field.  I walk up and clip a lead onto her halter, and then lead her out of the field.   she couldn't resist eating the occasional leaf.  The corn is meant to be eaten by cows -- just not this soon!


Anonymous said...

My family has always taken a 4th of July corn photo. I guess because of the saying, "knee high by the 4th of July."
But you take one with a cow. Maybe you will start a new tradition!
Your corn looks great by the way. I think you've got some really productive soil.

ellie k said...

She found good eating there. I am glad she came to you and didn't mash down a lot of the corn.

Nancy Medford OR said...

Was her baby there with her somewhere?
Nancy Olympia WA

Bruce King said...

Yes. The calf was right there with hrr. But not visible under the corn