Sunday, July 21, 2013

The hills are alive with the sound of loudspeakers

I didn't know that this area was a hotbed of outdoor concerts and events at this time of year.  Just across the river I can clearly here the amplified music from the burning beast BBQ, with its 400+ guests. 

Earlier today I was witness to a parade of innertubes and canoes and all sorts of floating contraptions on the river that I have frontage on; I'd guess that I saw something like 500 people float by.  No idea that this stretch of river was this popular. 

Yesterday I had to fish out three exhausted innertubers out of my corn field.  They made their own corn maze, and finally called a friend to come and get them when they couldn't figure out how to get out of it. 

Generally speaking I'm fairly liberal about granting permission to those who ask to cross my land; "don't walk in the corn" or "stay to the left of the pigs" -- that sort of stuff.  Keep the gates closed if you find them closed, leave them open if you find them open...  Country rules, but ones that folks from the city may not know. 

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Anonymous said...

That's funny about the corn maze.
My Grandpa and Uncle have property near a camp. The campers need to cross the pasture to get to the fox river, which their not supposed to do, but many do. Definitely a source of frustration and fear of injury with bulls in the pasture and fences being damaged, etc.