Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The eagles have landed.

Bald eagle:  9' wingspan on this one. S/he's flying low at the sheep flock, scaring them. 
 We are in the middle of our lambing; we've got 67 lambs on the ground so far, and the eagles have taken notice.  I have a pair of them that spent a lot of time swooping down over the sheep flock and scaring the lambs.  The dogs do a good job of barking at them and getting them to fly off, but it's clear that the eagles have decided that lamb is delicious. 
 They'll sit on fence posts for hours, usually a couple of hundred yards from the sheep,and watch them...
They are bigger than they look:  Bald eagle

The pair that is vexing me
Here's both of them together.  I don't know if they're a mated pair, or a brother and sister, or just two opportunistic eagles that happen to hang out together. 

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Susan said...

Eagles are beautiful and majestic--but not when you have lambs! So sorry to hear they're scaring your babies. (I found you through a link from Brent's grasspunk blog.)