Saturday, February 9, 2013

My black pig is living a secret life

I post a lot of pictures on my blog, and they appear in all sorts of different places.  I generally allow them to be used if asked, free of charge, but when folks take my photo and use it without attribution it's a bit rude. 

black pig liberation front is one of those folks who liked my picture of the mean black pig, and while I'm happy that they have whatever their views are (there's a lot of text on their page that really doesn't mean much of anything) I sure wish that they'd give credit where credit is due. 

 I dont think that the mean black pig would agree that she is "...a symbol of emancipation".    I also don't think that she was a communist or a member of a collective.

Turns out that the black pig picture has been useful in identifying unknown photographs.   Someone posted a picture of some animal that was taken with a game cam, and they're trying to figure out what sort of animal it is. 

 She shows up on a car-review site.  I'm not sure why.  She's in a collection of black pig pictures, and is sort-of attributed, but no web address and no clickable link.  A little better.

She shows up in a home decorating, fashion site.  I don't understand (italian?) but there she is, surrounded by pictures of beautiful women. 

Here's someones blog entry, a  pig story that has something to do with a wedding.  you'll have to translate from romanian to english to read.    This blog writer really likes her.  My picture is used all over her blog.  No attribution, no link. 

If you would like to use an image from my blog, just ask.  I'll give you permission.  I do ask that you make the image clickable back to the original, and include an attribution to my blog. 
(c) 2013, Bruce King, -- like that. 

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