Tuesday, August 2, 2011

strawberry fields forever...

I get asked what I feed my pigs, and so here's pictures of the pigs menu today; mostly strawberries; a few oranges.  Some romaine.  Maybe 5 tons of strawberries. 
The strawberries come to me frozen.  They're frosty, and in fact, the oranges and strawberries would make a pretty darned good sorbet.  They smell good as I load them on to the trailer. 

There's other fruit mixed into the load, but the bulk of it today is strawberries. 
A pile of strawberries 3'x7'x16'.  More than a cord of strawberries.  Strawberry fields forever. 


BigGAdawg said...

2.625 cords as a legal cord is 4x4x8 for 128 cubic feet and you have 336 cubic feet there. I'm sure the pigs are loving every cubic foot.

BTW I really enjoy your blog. It is often humorous and always well written.

sheila said...

what they don't eat will be mush, then compost really fast