Sunday, January 23, 2011

Final beam adjustments & floor joists.

 Making slow but steady progress on the barn.  Here my brother Bryan checks the level on one of the posts holding up the laminated beam.  I love the size of these timbers, but they're a little hard to work with.  That beam probably weighs 500lbs. 
 The joists are 2x12s, on 12" centers.  each one is held by a bracket, and each bracket needs 40 nails.  Each one of these 2x12s is rated to hold 4,000lbs of weight.  It's better to overbuild than under; We'll be storing tons of hay in this barn, and I want it plenty beefy. 

Now all we have to do is drive 4,000 nails.

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Cody Hamby said...

Sharp looking beams. Loving the fact that you they are going to serve another purpose!

Thank you from all of us @ Printing Control Graphics for picking these up and putting them to use!