Friday, January 14, 2011

4700 german farms shut down after feed contamination

3,000 tons of feed distributed to farms of all sort suspected of being contaminated with dioxin.  As a result, organic producers are becoming very popular.   Most of the closed farms were raising pigs, but eggs, chicken meat and other farms were affected. 

Dioxin animal feed scare shuts German farms


Kevin Kossowan said...

Wow. How upsetting for a farmer going about their business to find out their supplier essentially axed their business. I wonder what kind of recourse they have. Likely little to none.

lytha said...

we got back to germany from our seattle vacation a week ago and i just went ahead and shopped meat like normal, and we cooked and ate it, and now i hear from the neighbors (who watch the news) that there might be a problem. *sigh* my trouble is i always trust the government to protect me when it comes to buying meat. HM.

i wonder what dioxin does to you..