Saturday, December 11, 2010

First flood alert of 2010 season

We've got a lot of rain on top of a heavy snowpack heading our way.  They're saying that it'll be a short event, but I'm moving my animals into the evacuation pasture on Saturday morning on this warning. 

River levels of 32 feet or better are where the danger zone is for me.  It's forecasted to reach 27-28 feet (above flood level, but below the level of the dike) on 12-13 and 12-14.  I'll be watching it carefully. 

You can see current river levels and projected levels here


Dave said...

So if the property was sold for collection of real estate taxes which I assume goes to the county, who is on the hook for the $247k to the bank ?

Bruce King said...

Dave, I answered this question in the comments section of that blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Let's us know how your new corral system works in gathering up your animals if you need to use it. Be safe!

Nancy - Olympia WA said...

My thoughts are with you and your animals, that you get through this rain and flooding.

I just have a lot of standing water due to slow draining clay but fortunate not to have a river nearby.

Best of luck to you

Bruce King said...

Thank you for the kind wishes. Right now the river isn't rising as fast as predicted. It's expected to peak late monday or early tuesday. I'm basically right at the mouth of the river, so the water takes a while to get down to me from the mountains; that's why my biggest flood risk is 24-48 hours after a big rain.