Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010 airedale puppies for sale

Litter of 9 Airedale puppies, born November 6th.  There are 4 girls and 5 males. 
each of these pictures is of a different puppy, and we have more pictures on request.  We do ship dogs, and can ship them in time for the holidays if you wish, but you'll have to make a decision soon.  Shipping costs are the actual shipping costs + $70 for health exam + $25.   these puppies are young enough not to require health exams. 

#1, Female pup, one of the larger in the litter, social and friendly.  $550
#2, Male pup, $425
#3, male pup, $425
#4, female pup, $500
#6, male pup, smaller than most of the litter, $400
#7,  male pup, smallest of the male puppies, $400
#8 Female pup, medium sized of this litter, $500
#9 larger female pup, $550
#10:  This is a larger pup, 4 months old, returned to me by a family that moved after they received their pup.  Rehoming fee of $200. 

All pups are guaranteed healthy.  Parents have been screened for hip dysplasia and are clear.  This is a young, friendly male dog. 


Nancy - Olympia WA said...

Nice looking pups. I hope they all find great, loving, forever homes.


what part of wa are you in?

Bruce King said...

The pups are in Everett, wa

Unknown said...

Do you still have the 4 month old left or any of the other pups?? I am very interested, not sure how to contact you.