Monday, September 20, 2010

The weather

I thought that this spring and summer were cool; many of the farms around here didn't get enough heat to finish their corn, and several farmers that raised animals on pasture found the growth to be slower than normal. 

But know I know for sure:  This is the coldest summer in the last 30 years, and we've received double (almost triple) the average rainfall for the entire month of September already. 

The rain has been relentless.  Over 3/4" of rain a day for the last 4 days.  Total for this month to date is a bit over 4", and the wettest September ever recorded at seatac is 5.95 inches -- and chances are very good we'll break that record. 

When you raise animals on pasture and you get this much rain it makes you want to build an ark. 

Hope things are well with you and yours

Weather stats courtesy of the Cliff Mass blog, whos weather reports I trust more than most others. 


Anonymous said...

Just noticed that Sugar Mountain Farm "home of the $10K challenge" links me to I guess Walter has redirected the link which gives me reason to believe he does not like you pointing out his lack of truthfullness.
Thanks for keeping them honest.

Wannabe Farmer

Lisa Rae said...

We didn't quite have the coldest up here... but it was certainly the wettest. Birds that should take 8 weeks are taking 10-12. Ugh. But we get what we get!

Across The Creek Farm said...

Hey bruce,

That weird tuning forkish thing in the Gerald fry cow picture was just a homemade caliper for measuring the cows proportions. It helps you get an accurate, reproducible measurement each time.

Bruce King said...

Walter really doesn't like being challenged. I think it's pretty funny. If he'd like to block readers, he's welcome to.