Thursday, September 30, 2010

apple season

It's apple season right now, and I'm seeing large quantities of fresh apples from the produce departments.  Here the pigs are eating a half ton of fresh apples. 

A few pieces of plastic slip into the food, but by and large the loads have been clean recently, and it's pretty fun to watch the pigs select out their favorite fruit or vegetable.  One of the sows seeks out acorn squash and carries it away from the pile to eat privately. 

The sow in the next picture really likes nectarines.  She'll eat 50 of them, and them pause and reflect, and eat another 20.  Here she's sorting through the pile to eat the nectarines first.   Hog heaven. 


StefRobrts said...

Dang, that's some happy pigs!

Bryan Theis said...

Bruce, How do you get the massive dumps of produce? Do stores give the out of date or damaged stuff up easily?

Bruce King said...

It's actually a program that was initiated by the stores I get it from. In fact, I should write up what they're doing -- it's a good thing. Look for the blog entry tommorow. You might be surprised.