Friday, July 16, 2010

They really meant well... I think.

Came to the farm this morning to find someones been feeding the pigs over the front fence.  Looks like pre-consumer wrapped bread products.  I do appreciate the thought, and the food helps keep the feed bill in check, but if I'm going to feed bread to the pigs I take it out of the wrapper before I do.  The pigs had been at it before i got there, taking a bite out of this or that loaf, and dragging the plastic bags all over the paddock. 
Pigs are funny creatures, and very particular.  They'll sort through the bread products and eat anything sweet first.  Cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, anything with frosting.  then, after they've eaten dessert, they'll go through and eat any loaf that has molasses in it.  They'll eat all the dark bread first.  Then the white bread.  After they've got through the whole thing a few times, and only then, they'll eat the sourdough. 
That's why this sourdough loaf is out of the bag, but not eaten.  The pig had to make sure that it was sourdough before it dropped it in search of something tastier. 

So I spent the morning chasing pigs around the pasture trying to get the plastic bags out of their mouths.  The smaller pigs think that plastic bags are the best toys ever!   They make cool noises when you chew them, you can play tug of war, and if you run with a bag in your mouth other pigs will chase you on general principle, so you become popular!


Anonymous said...

It is funny how fussy and destructive pigs are. I love watching them rip stuff apart.

Unlike goats and cows, they aren't known for eating stuff that then kills them.

Anonymous said...

Idiots. Are they trying to kill the pigs, hoping they will eat the plastic and have it bind or block the digestive system?

Otherwise, why else do this? I think it may be time to post some security camera signs. Who cares if you really have the carmeras, but maybe it will discourage these types of 'do-gooders'. Maybe put the camera sign next to the "please don't feed the pigs plastic" sign...

Even it they are that stupid to give pigs plastic to eat... It leaves you a HUGE mess to clean up. They are either stupid, lazy (I vote both), or criminal.

I hope my 2 piglets are doing fine. Getting things ready at my little farm for them :)