Friday, July 9, 2010

It's summer BBQ season

Quite a few of the pigs that we sell at this time of year go for whole-pig BBQs.   I don't often get to see them when they're done, but this one was roasted for the 4th of july, and looks mighty tasty. 
golden brown and crispy.  The skin is the best part.  Basted in the fat the meat underneath is really succulent. 
I like them roasted to 160 degrees, my brother likes 155 or so.  The bbq rig is home-made, my brother keeps tinkering with it each year.  We're gradually working up to a rig that can roast a small cow I think. 
Bryan wires the pig to the spit with a soft iron wire.  As the pig cooks you want it to stay firmly anchored.  Here he's taking the wire holding the pig off.   All of the metal that touches the pig is either stainless steel or iron.  Never use galvanized metal in contact with food. 


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Anonymous said...

Pictures like this remind of Tamara Murphy's "Burning Beast" festival. Rules are simple: animals, cinder blocks, grates, and wood. Many do their animals whole. has video from the first one in 2008. The 2010 version was yesterday and quite fun.