Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sandwhich shop shame

I pick up spent grain from a local microbrewery, and was there one day and noticed that a high-end sandwhich shop was opening next door.  They specialize in bread that they bake there, and anyone who bakes bread will always have surplus or stale bread -- which I like as pick treats, or to feed to the poultry.  Since I was there every week to pick up the spent grain, I contacted the manager and asked if I could pick up any excess bread. 

"Well, we donate our bread to charities, and you'll have to fill out an application". 
An application?  For what? 
"To recieve our bread.  We have everyone who picks up bread fill out an application and the best recipients get our bread". 
huh.  well, that's ok.  But I'm going to feed it to pigs and chickens and turkeys.
"It doesn't seem like a good fit"
huh.  I've been rejected by a sandwhich shop.  Go figure.  Ok. 

So I'm picking up spent grain one day, and saw an employee of this shop throwing out bread.  lots of bread.    So I waited until they went away, and retrieved it.  150 gallons of bread.

Now while I understand the public relations value of giving away food to the needy, I cannot understand why they toss it into the dumpster to maintain the illusion.  Waste not, want not. 

I went in after grabbing the bread, and talked to the manager again, and she explained that the group that was supposed to pick it up didn't.  I offered to take any bread that they were going to toss, and I'd supply containers for it.  Just toss it into my containers instead of into the dumpster. 

They're thinking about it. 


sheila said...

Political correctness gone mad. Same in my town. The do good groups are great PR, but often fail to show up and actually do any work. I asked a produce manager at my local grocery store if they ever had any bruised fruits and veggies I could feed my chickens, goats, and rabbits. Nope, because it all has to go to food banks. Then he admitted the stuff often ends up in the dumpster because the organization either doesn't show up on the proper day or they only have room for a fraction of the waste that the store has. I still can't take any though because that would apparently ruin the store's image of being generous to the poor.

Mike said...

I agree! We asked our local grocery store for their bruised produce and they gave this long speech about how it's bad policy, and they have to make sure that it isn't for human consumption. Or that it encourages employees to give away good food.

Anonymous said...

Typical "corporate mentality". Image and lip service is much more important than reality. I just don't get it.

Sorry, but my mother was a teacher-should be sandwich, not sandwhich.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you- when someone buys a 6-8 wk old weaner pig, is it advisable to feed it milk replacer? That is what we did when I was a kid but I noticed milk replacer where I live is $120 for 50lbs. I can get sweet whey for $61 for 55 lbs, so was wondering if that would work instead. What do you think? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What a waste, they shouldn't have to think about it!