Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring lambs

The lambs are playing a lot. They get together in a big group and gambole around, like little bucking broncos. they bleat their high-pitched lamb bleat, and fall over and show every sign of having a pretty good time. it's fun to watch them.

the sheep won't let me get very close with my cell phone camera, so these pictures are from the back as they walk away from me.

I'm liking sheep more and more as a permanent addition to the farm. They're relatively easy to keep, do well on the local grass, and there seems to be a pretty good market in them, although the primary sheep customers are anti-pig. maybe I should have a sheep customer entrance and a pig customer entrance.


Across The Creek Farm said...

anti-pig? what's that all about?

Unknown said...

When even Science is worried about food, we should all sit up and pay attention:

Bruce King said...

The majority of the lamb customers are muslims.