Thursday, March 4, 2010

Livestock thief, part 2, sheep pregnancy problem, lambing

Grrr... Had two people stop today and tell me the guy with the salmon net has been patrolling my fence with his net for the last week or so, and one guy said he'd seen him catch 5 chickens.

Really Really annoying. I've got a flock of about 200 birds, now I've got to count them every day? Do a bird inventory? Bird shrinkage?

Ok. Tommorow it's chicken roundup day. Asked the two folks who saw this guy if they'd be willing to give a statement to an officer. "I'd rather not be involved", says one. The other is thinking about it.

Sheep was down in the field today; when I got close I could see a small newborn lamb dead, and the nose of a larger lamb sticking out of her. I went and got soap and water, and then carefully worked the lamb that was stuck out of her. It was dead; apparently had been dead a couple of days. The ewe was straining while I was delivering the lamb, but it was coming apart in my hands, and it smelled BAD.

Finally worked it out, and while I was there did a quick check for another lamb. Got the tractor and dumped a load of wood chips next to her, and then got her onto the chips with her chest down. the side she'd been laying on was wet, dried her off. While I was doing this she was trying to get to her feet. Left her in the sun for a couple of hours, checking on her periodically as I did some fence repair, and she was up and walking around by the end of the day. Sheep are TOUGH.

So far 10 live lambs, 2 dead. Probably another 4 to go. I was worried that my breeding would produce lambs too early, but with the current weather it's been a good call.

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