Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The goat popped

I traded a couple of weaner pigs for 3 goats about a year ago, and have been waiting and waiting to have kids; they arrived today. There's the proud nanny goat. They're inside one of my calf domes, bedded on 2' of fresh wood chips. The wood chips, when they're fresh, will start to compost, so provide a nice warm bedding for the babies.

I don't know exactly how old they are at this point. Maybe an hour?


Anonymous said...

Goodness, those are cute goats. I love goats. They are so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Gosh sooo Sweet it would be hard not to get a little attached I just started reading your blog after researching organic free range farms. It has been so wonderfully entertaining and educational. thank you for being so candid and informative. Looking forward to becoming a new client. Can you tell me when your next chicken "prep" class is?

Teresa Godyn