Monday, February 22, 2010

First of the spring lambs

These little guys are about 30 minutes old. Kinda wobbly and tentative. You can see the umbilical cords under the tail of the ewe. She's attentive; making soft bleating noises that are being responded to by the lambs.
She licks them over carefully. It was a really nice day today; perfect day to be born. Warm and sunny. Welcome to the world, lambs!


Anonymous said...

Bruce what cute pictures! We spoke today on the phone and I was hoping to come out and "Process" a few chickens I am looking to purchase about 20 birds to start. I think this will be a good way for me to get an idea of what I am dealing with while planning around a budget that had been used to a monthly food bill ;) I am hoping through the next few months to be able to plan for poultry seasons and save up accordingly. I hope this is ok for this new organic faming enthusiast. I will be posting on my face book to see if anyone will want to come and broaden their horizons with me lol. so there is a chance there will be more than just me! or at the very least an order for me to Process chickens for others as well. I will keep you informed about #'s I am hoping to be able to come out on sunday if that would work. I am would like to come for the "Pig Processing" eventually as well but I think this is a great way to get myself introduced!

Teresa Godyn, MA

Anonymous said...

lambing rule
strip (teat)
click (cord)
dip (cord in iodine)