Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sheep notes

Overall the sheep look to be in pretty good condition; they're showing good weight, backbones are well padded, but the cold worries me a bit.  They're all pregnant, and I'd like to make sure that they're not lacking in anything while they're gestating. 
  One of the sheep probably isn't pregnant; she's looking a little off, not as plump as the other ewes.  If she doesn't lamb this year I guess she'll be spring mutton stew.  All of the sheep have ear tags put in by the fellow I bought them from, making keeping track of each sheep much easier.  So I'm noting that #146 is a little skinny and maybe not pregnant, and when the flock lambs I'll note which ones produce how many lambs. 

I do love the air on their cold mornings, and you can see the mountains very clearly. 


StefRobrts said...

Wow, that's some beautiful view you have there!

Bruce King said...

Thanks. I think it's pretty in all four seasons, too. said...

I wouldn't worry Bruce. Our sheep wintered outside and you've seen the temps in Alberta recently! We don't have the sheep any longer, but they went through quite a few really cold spells (minus 40) without issue. They look beautiful and I'm sure that they are well looked after to stand up to minus 6 temps. Nice view too!