Saturday, December 5, 2009


I know, you guys in the midwest and in Alberta will think I'm a wuss, but 20 degrees is cold for western Washington.  It's a dry cold, put a frosting on the trees and cleared the air.  That little red building is a shed that I built on top of a trailer -- that's why it looks like it's sinking.  I stack the bales in it, and the cows and sheep stand in the doorway to eat it, eventually working their way inside. 

  That's the first board-and-batten siding I've ever done, and I really like the traditional barn look.  It's sided in 1x8" rough cut doug fir.  The windows are salvage from a house demolition i was driving by one day  "hey, mind if I pull those windows off the back while you're eating lunch? " "Sure, knock yourself out".    I put the windows in so that there would be some light on the inside without doing a skylight. 

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I just googled it and we are 770 miles apart. A 13 hour drive. In that relatively short distance our two farms were over 50 degrees different in temperature!