Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Viking Pig roast

You see a lot of talk in the media about getting closer to your food, and knowing where it comes from, and Christian, his twin brother Jake and their friend Timb did just that this last weekend.

If you'd like to have a whole pig for BBQ, I'm happy to supply.

Special thanks to Heath Putnam of woolypigs.com for the referral!

They purchased a BBQ pig from me, live and on the hoof, and prepped it for their BBQ themselves. Gutting, scraping, mounting it on a rotisserie -- they did the whole thing.
They sent me a note about their experience, you'll find it below the pictures.

They rented this electric rotisserie from millers rent-all in Edmonds for $25 a day -- having it automatically turn is a great thing!
(sorry, I couldn't figure out how to rotate this picture because I'm a klutz. )
Golden brown and delicious!

Here's his note:

Thanks so much for the pig!

It made for an awesome party. Short story: We stopped just as we pulled onto the forest service road to reskewer the pig so it would fit better on the spit before we got to camp for some people that might get squeamish.

We stuffed it with garlic and rosemary, sewed him back up, bound his legs with wire and the whole body with string. We carried him victoriously into camp to cheers of excitement, did some touch up details on the body and started up the spit.

We got him on at around 2pm and he cooked for 7 hours until the hams got done right around dark. Everyone was crowding around as we took it over for carving.

The skin was golden brown all over and moist throughout. Everyone raved about how good it tasted. We had about 25-30 people at the party--all dressed up in goofy viking hats and clothes and drinking beer at this great spot about an hour from the farm near the Mt. Pilchuck trailhead. We had about 15 pounds of leftovers which we divided up between the birthday boys and about 10 pounds that others took.

Just thought I would send a note. It was a great event and we really appreciated your help through the process!


You're welcome, Christian. Glad you and your friends enjoyed it!

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maya said...

I've emailed you twice offline regarding getting a pig with no response. Perhaps a comment on the blog works better?